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A Super-Chill Look At The Beautiful Techniques Being Practiced In The South Korean City of Icheon

As a leader in traditional crafts, Icheon’s ceramics have become sought after works of art and are deeply-seated in Korea’s local economy. The city’s vital role in ceramics has made it possible for Icheon to become the best and largest center in Korea’s crafts today. Icheon is the home of over 350 studios and potteries that specialize in traditional, contemporary, and high-tech applications of the ceramic body. Although technological advances constantly redefine the ceramic industry, Korean ceramic artists strive to preserve the tradition of peace, simplicity, and spiritual temperance of Korean art. Thus, this exciting exhibition epitomizes the height of a rich tradition of Korean ceramics, cemented both in the past and the future.

Uptown clay, pottery, creamics, shop local

Beautiful Korean pot with inlaid slip design.

The first part of the video shows the technique of slip inlay where designs are scratched into the surface of the pot, and then colored slips are painted into the design and allowed to dry, with the excess being scraped off. The end of the film features a firing in a traditional Chinese dragon kiln featuring pieces glazed in a beautiful celadon glaze.

Uptown clay, pottery, artisan, hand crafted, shop local, ceramics

Korean potters from the city of Icheon use a scrafitto technique to scratch designs into pots.


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