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Featured Artist: Linda Arbuckle

Linda Arbuckle’s work in majolica-glazed earthenware, has been recognized internationally and has earned her a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. Arbuckle is known for the luscious majolica surfaces on functional ceramic wares. Using color and floral motifs, she carries on the ancient tradition of painting on clay, bringing brightness and life to terra-cotta.

There are several reasons why the centuries old Majolica glazing technique is so popular now. First of all, the glaze is viscous so your decoration does not move when fired meaning your brushwork remains crisp. Second, the base glaze can be thick, which will cover small imperfections on the clay surface (an advantage for a lot of us!). And third, because you’re just laying color on the surface, you use fewer materials because all you need is a thin wash. Through Linda’s innovative brushwork, she is also able to bring depth to majolica surfaces that can become flat with spots of color.

Linda currently lives outside Micanopy, Florida with her dogs, cats, and chickens. Nature and making things are life-long interests for her, with involvement as time permits with food and cooking, knitting, ceramic materials, computer geek things on an end-user basis, gardening, wildlife, drawing, reading fiction, beading, sewing, and other passing interests. Linda was a teen in the sixties, and appreciated the ideas of making and doing first-hand to enrich and transform life. The sense of adventure and engagement in the thrill of the chase of creating keeps her going back to the well over and over.

Uptown Clay, pottery, ceramics, shop local Minneapolis,

Linda Arbuckle teaching students at Northern Clays recent American Pottery Festival. Linda hosted a surface design workshop in conjunction with Kip O’Crongly.

Linda as an educator at University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. has always been very generous with sharing her knowledge. Her web site,, has additional information, including ceramic technical handouts, recipes and tons of reference material based on her years of testing and making.  She also has several books and video’s available.  Check out the Ceramic Arts website for those.


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