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The Pottery Throw Down, Saturday November 7th, 2015

Uptown Clay, Ceramics, pottery, wheel throwing, stoneware,

Ceramics artists Laurie, Lisa, Trevor, Kathleen and Linda throwing bowls at the November 7th Fire on the Greenway Pottery Throw Down

A good time was had by the resident and visiting potters at Fire on the Greenway.  Our goal was to make 120 bowls today and we blew that out of the water by making 175 bowls! We used both white and red low fire clay, and bowls ranged anywhere from 1.5-2 lbs of clay.  We will be trimming them up over the next few days and hope to get the majority of them fired over the next couple of weeks.

Empty Bowls, Pottery, Cermaics

We had a great turn out ofr bowl painters coming in to decorate bowls that had already been biscuit fired. The made some amazing designs on the bowls.

In a separate room we had a painting area set up so kids could paint bowls that had already been biscuit fired.  We had an amazing turn out of children and parents who answered the call to get their “art” on and painted like pro’s.

pottery, Uptown Clay, Ceramics

Some of the amazing bowls thrown today.

What a fun and amazing project. Think of all the caring hands that will have touched these bowls; from the person who wedged the clay, the artists who threw the bowl, the person who trimmed and made the foot, the person who will load and fire the kiln, and the person who lovingly paints and glazes the bowls. We will share the date of the actual benefit dinner in February where you can go and support Empty Bowls Kingfield and their efforts to support homeless youth in Minneapolis

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