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Our own Ryan Archibald is featured on The Potters Cast

Ryan Archibald, Uptown Clay, shop local, whittier, ceramics, pottery.

Ryan Archibald, Pitcher, Stoneware with hand painted underglaze, soda fired, 2015

The Potters Cast is a pod cast run by Paul Blais to serve the community of ceramic artists and potters around the world by bringing interviews of other ceramicists straight to you. Paul’s hope is that while these shows are heard, that listener’s will be challenged, encouraged, and inspired for the listener’s creative endeavors.

Paul recently featured Fire on the Greenway’s, Ryan Archibald, who was born and raised in Illinois.  Ryan Archibald received his BFA from Southern Illinois University in 2013 and continued his ceramic education in Minnesota as the Northern Clay Center Anonymous Potter Studio Fellow.   Ryan now resides in Minneapolis where he maintains a studio, teaches beginner wheel-throwing classes at Northern Clay Center, and works full-time for a production pottery.

Uptown Clay, Local Artist, shop local, Ceramics, pottery, Ryan Archibald

Ryan in his studio at Fire on the Greenway, 2015

Check out the podcast and follower The Potters Cast on iTunes for some great conversations with ceramic artists.

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  1. This is so great! Ryan is really inspirational and I had a great time talking with him. Thanks for sharing this and lots of love to you!

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