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Jon’s work is featured on the Pure and Simple Pottery website

Pottery, ceramics, platter, Jon Loer

Majollica earthenware fish serving dish, 2014, Jon Loer

As artists, we are always searching for tools or solutions that help us get to our vision. Jon is total “tool geek” and is always willing to try some new tool or crazy thing that allows him to create something new or create something a little bit faster or quicker. A couple of years ago he stumbled on Pure and Simple molds that offer some amazing shapes that allow the artist to create some fabulous hump and slump mold forms, quickly and efficiently. These are basically big pieces of plaster that the artist uses to dry clay over or in, and the clay takes on the shape of the form used. Using the forms has allowed Jon to create large functional, serving pieces without a lot of time spent making the plaster forms or the clay forms which allows him to maximize the amount of time he spends on the surface decorating, which is his true passion.

Recently the Pure and Simple website featured some artist work that use their forms and they featured some of Jon’s sgrafitto platters that he created using the Pure and Simple fish platter form. Stop by their site and check them out.


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