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Karla Nagy officially joins the artists at Fire on the Greenway

We are really excited to welcome Karla Nagy to the group of artists at Fire on the Greenway. Karla has actually been part of the studio for several months but we are finally getting around to posting her page and featuring some of her work.

Mochaware, Karla Nagy, stoneware ceramics, mug, shop local

Mochaware mid-fire stoneware mug, Karla Nagy, 2014

Karla has officially mastered the art of Mochaware This decorating technique, primarily used from the late 1700s to the early 1900s in France, England and North America, incorporated slip (Liquid clay) on functional pots.

To create the decorative detailing resembling Moss Agate, ( aka Mocha Stone), Tobacco juice is steeped with a mixture of powdered metal oxides and when applied to a wet slip surface, will naturally ramify in dendritic-like patterns rersembling trees, shrubs and grass. This mug was wheel-thrown using mid-fire stoneware clay at Fire on the Greenway by Carla Nagy. Each peice is unique, dishwasher and microwave safe.

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