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Summer is Here!

Summer finally came to Minnesota.  The community garden across the street is in full-on planting mode.  It’s so great to see all the green every where you look.  At the studio the artists are getting ready for a flurry of summer Art Fairs and Farmers Markets.  Several of the artist do commission work and we are all noticing a trend of the custom made, artisan crafted, wedding gifts.  No  china pattern out of a gift registry somewhere for these couples, but a treasured, hand crafted, locally made set of dishes for a happy couple.  Ben is in the midst of a couple of commissions and we all marvel at how talented he is to get the pieces the same size so they stack in your cupboard.  For those of you that have ever made pottery you know how difficult and what a skill that is.

We are looking to have the Gallery open on Saturdays from 11:00-3:00 during the summer months.  We are just off the Harriet Ave over pass on the Greenway.  You can walk up through the community garden and bring your bike into the studio and look around.  I’ll post agin when we are start opening, but right now it looks like sometime in early June. Hope to see you!

Pottery, stoneware, shop local, mugs; ceramics, Benjamin Krikava

Benjamin Krikava, 2014 Biscuit pieces, commissioned stoneware dinnerware and assorted porcelain and B-clay pieces,

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